Therapist research

She generally gave herself very good advice, but she very seldom followed it – Alice

My own experience of therapy is on next post x

It’s really important to research your therapist. It is a hard, long process and you need to make sure the therapist won’t cause more damage. 

Expect to feel worse before you feel better and some weeks you will feel like it’s a waste of time! This is why you MUST be ready for therapy. 

  • You must be ready for therapy. You need to be semi stable else you are at risk of it making things worse. You will know when you are ready.
  • Choose the type of therapy eg listening based, psychoanalytical etc

Now I think everyone should do Cognitive Behavioural therapy, I think it’s great. This can be done earlier than other therapies too as it is not about your past, but your thought processes and here and now. 

This is limited number of sessions and involves separating the emotion from facts. I use it today still. 

DBT is similar and meant to help specifically with BPD but I haven’t done that one yet.

I’ve chosen the longer term, psychoanalytical, as I got a LOT of issues and repeated behaviours to work out!

When choosing a therapist ;

  • Check they are accredited
  • What type of therapy
  • Do they have experience in your particular illness and past trauma?
  • Check for a university degree etc
  • Check lots experience
  • Decide man or woman. It makes a difference!
  • Check rates. And if they offer a sliding scale if you are on benefits. 
  • See if they accept emails etc between sessions. 

After you have got a short list then send them an email, or phone, most will do a free meet or phone call to see if they can help

You have got to be comfortable with your therapist! It will take time to open up, but you need to trust them and have continuity of care.

I sent an email that was so honest it would have made a porn star blush. 

You need to do this as you need to make sure they can deal with your issues!

2 turned me down as they felt I was out their area of expertise ( lol) and I ended up with a guy I’m pretty happy with and started to make good progress.

Though always be brutally honest with them. Argue with them too, I do that, they like it really 😉

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