Read me- blog Info

I am talking about adult issues, with lots of heavy ( and light topics)

I swear a bit, I talk about sex a lot so I really think over 18s only.

These are my personal opinions and experiences. I have spent years researching and have a knowledge of psychiatric drugs from my dementia nurse past.

I am NOT 

A psychiatrist, doctor, nurse or trained counsellor.

Please always see your own medical professional if you have concerns and especially regarding medication. 

I will talk about triggering things sometimes. 

Will put warnings for;


Graphic sexual descriptions

Violent/abusive descriptions

Psychosis I hear and see things, bad things. 

I will put this in the blog title or just underneath if I do. 

If you are suffering please no you don’t need to, you are not alone there are many, many of us and things will get better with help and effort. 

Phone nhs direct 111 crisis team via your mental health provider or 999

There will always be crisis team staff at accident and emergency. 

Anyone feeling suicidal please read this post I found many years ago that helped me click below

Thinking about suicide?

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