Emptiness inside me 

So I was discussing the concept of “feeling empty” with a lady on one of my support groups.

It’s a hard concept to explain as lonliness is still something inside, maybe it’s more like apathy?

Or maybe it’s because we spend so long as chameleons defensively changing our identities to fit into whatever situation we are in… We lose track of our inner true identity??

What does everyone think emptiness means??


2015 Advice 

  • Learn to love yourself and put yourself first. Don’t people please
  • Learn to recognise signs of toxic relationships
  • Be as healthy as your mental state allows

  • Get rid of ALL negative people from your life! All of them.
  • Be kind to others
  • Ask for help when you need it and don’t be afraid to push doctors to help you feel better
  • Be happy! Happy in your own company will ease abondonment

  • Do things you enjoy now. Don’t put things off
  • Don’t be money orientated. Happiness doesn’t come from that.
  • Reward yourself for small things when unwell. Be kind to yourself!!!

The Crap people say about BPD

Borderline bitchIMG_4857

Just google “borderline personality disorder” and a wealth of opinionated sites and forums comes up within the factual sites.
“My borderline bitch ex girlfriend made my life hell”
“Devil borderline woman”
And even “borderline disorder is made up by manipulative women to excuse their appalling behaviour.”
Along with depictions of Bpd in the media such as Glenn Close Bunny boiler, violent, obsessed woman in fatal attraction and other such unstable women.
Linked with with several serial killers and notorious celebrities it is no wonder this personality disorder has such negativity and ignorance around it
First off there are several other personality disorders which have manipulation, control, obsession and violence more marked than BPD.
Many mental illnesses can cause similar behaviour.
Sociopaths, narcissist, anti social personality disorder, bipolar extremes, depression, schizophrenia and many others can all exhibit the same behaviours.

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