My world poem 

Welcome to my world 

Oh hi there, excuse me, you must be new 
Welcome welcome welcome, pull up a pew.
I must explain where you are
Here have a drink, you have travelled far
Your in my world, my poor dear fellow
Stop shouting it won’t help. Now no need to bellow! 
Well, no matter, worry not, pay no mind
It’s too late now to go to what is behind
See the walls? They shimmer and shake
Forever changing, like a giant  rainbow snake
Don’t step too close, his mood does vary
I don’t want to have you to bury. 
Happy and sadness and anger and love
Here in this world you get all of the above
Intensely strong is not the word
Tornado of emotions, impulses we serve
Rationality here is useless,
Passions and impulses ruthless 
Today you will feel good and grin
Tommorow you feel gloomy and grim
Twisted memory’s, brain imbalance 
Paranoia rules in noise and silence
Your eyes and mind you can’t trust here
Delusions, psychosis make things seem clear
But we can’t trust anyone, least of all ourself
So be strong, be stoic, steel yourself
It’s isolated here, inside my brain.
I like it that way. People cause pain. 
Depressive or manic, 
Rage or in panic
You are here now forever so be brave and bold 
Welcome, oh welcome to my world. 

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