Depression Cavern

The cavern of depression

The first thing to return was my hearing 
The deafening sound of silence bar my breathing
Coldness seeped up from where I lay
Like tendrils of ice and I began to pray
Not here again, oh god, oh no 
Not this cavern of sorrow and woe 
Not this dark pit, this hell damned place 
With the fluttering bats with the grinning face 
I opened my eyes and a cry escaped my lips 
I was in the cave with its jagged rock tips
the shard covered floor dank and gloom
The exit above, I could seen the moon 
I screamed for help, I tried of course 
Till my voice was ragged and horse.
No one came. They never do
Down in the hell I was used to
The walls were sheer, I couldn’t climb
So I sat, curled up, hanging in time
Down in Depression cavern I let out a moan
Of desolation and fear, but I was all alone. 
No one comes.

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