Depression + sleeping beauty syndrome

I’m your hell, I’m your dream, I’m nothing inbetween….

This syndrome, where a sufferer sleeps up to 22 hours a day and is very child like when awake, does sound like my excessive sleeping when in a depressive mood. 

Though I ain’t no sleeping Beauty, I snore too much 😉

Been asleep or in bed last 4 days now. Need to get up and move! I’m going out today, first time in over 10 days, to shops.

Sad when social life consists of shops with mum!!!

The “exhaustion” ain’t so bad today, so I need try find my Va Va Voom. It’s lost!!!

Therapist tommorow, a bit anxious bout that like I always am eek xxx

Read an interesting article on bipolar blackouts, how we forgot memories and get blank spots, also on “tripolar”

Will write bout these later x

Hope everyone else doing good xxx


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