low mood today 

Today has not been great. Too much time on my own, in my own head.

Lack of energy and huge doses apathy left me in bed without enough energy to even make food. 

I recently increased my mood stabiliser dose lamotragine to 200 mg maybe it’s that,

Maybe is cos 99% of my friends are online.

Social interaction is minimal.

I miss working, having a purpose and actually enjoying being at home, but I worked too much, it became an obsession and left me no home life.

It’s taken a long time and I’m still trying to find “me” feel better And work out what to do in life. 

Anxiety kicked in earlier so I had to take my extra tablets, but now I’ve run out arghh not sure if GP will give us more. 

But moods pass, this will pass, I will find an a occupation im just not sure what yet.


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