Narcacist or Borderline?

I’d give all the wealth that years have piled, the slow result of life’s decay, to be once more a little child for one bright sunshine day.

Both nacarcistic and borderline are cluster B personality disorders along with sociopaths ( psychopaths) and anti social personality disorder. ( also can include historinic but this tends to co-morbid)  Cor- no wonder we get so much stigma!!!

Cluster B is known as the dramatic, emotional and erratic cluster of personality disorders. Well, I have been known to enjoy a good drama! But I think every human can display these traits.  I blame my nan, she was always super dramatic 😉

They share in common “erratic, dramatic and emotional behaviours”

According to stats ( but who knows how reliable they are as most narcissists are not self aware) 25% of people will have both.

I disagree with this figure tho I agree there are a few similarities, but surely even mentally healthy people have narcisstic traits from time to time. 

And narcissists are so unlikely to seek help I think it’s pigs swill lol 

These are the reasons a site says BPD is like Npd. And my own arguments against them 😉 

Lack of concern of how behaviour effects other. ……. Really? Are they sure? Yes maybe the emotional impulses will briefly take over or pschosis which leads to people getting hurt in the process, but normally we do care. Care too much about people pleasing and being calm and happy. 

A tendency to believe the world revolves around them- that’s why BPD has a high rate of suicide, low self esteem and depression then? And isolating ourselves from people. Hardly trust anyone so ain’t exactly round many people. I for one, know the world doesn’t revolve around me. 

A fear of abandonment – ok that ones true. But for different reasons than a narc.

A need for constant attention- true BUT only off guys.Not any guys but off a boyfriend which is usually too overwhelming for one guy so I find multiple sources. Or I used to. I’m working on it in therapy!

Constant struggle with work, families and social relationships – I think this depends on how stable you are, and other areas of your personality.  When I’m depressed or in psychosis of course these areas will suffer.

Over emotional, dramatic behaviours- yup ok. But again for different reasons than npd. 

Maybe that’s why BPD gets a bad rap, the traits and reasons behind traits being like Npd. ( to the unknowing eye)

In fact, some websites are so biased against BPD I think they assume none of us can tie our own shoelaces without going into meltdown.

 The borderline and narcissist live in their own self centred universe with little or no concern about how their behaviour effects others

From a enlightened website lol 

Borderline and narcissts both have arrested development. BPD has an estimated age of three. Npd about 6

Wait a minute – what? They saying we stop emotional development at age 3???? What the hell?

No I’m not making it up the site is here ; 

Stupid website link HERE

This is why there is so much bias, wrong knowledge and stigma re personality disorders.

Readers of sites either expect to see us with horns, tail and manically laughing at other people’s suffering, or emotionally undelevoped and still in nappies! 


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