Advice they can shove!

Well I’ve never heard it before but it sounds uncommon nonsense

We have all had it. 

“Helpful” and well meaning advice on our illness that is just annoying, harmful and not true!!

I think this comes through lack of knowledge as a whole in the general population, the stigma of mental illness, close relatives in denial you have such a “shameful” thing and just pure arseholery. 

Give them all a week of catatonic deoression and panic attacks I say! They will soon change their tune

More worryingly, some of these were said to me by mental health professionals!!!!

Just do your breathing excersises

Have you tried meditation?

Have a hot milky drink

Have a hot bath

Go do some excersise and get fresh air

It’s all in your head

It’s probably just a virus

You haven’t got any reason to be depressed?

In my day, we just got on with things

It’s laziness

Your a hypochondriac

They like to label anything these days

You are fine

Just don’t think about it, it’s easy. 

Have you tried self help book/website

You need to sort yourself out

It’s not like you got cancer or anything

Those tablets won’t help you, they just placebos

You are just a drama queen 

And I’m sure there’s many more. 

Feel free to add your own pearls of wisdom you have been told 😉

By the way I do think some of those things are helpful ONCE you are more stable !!! Not before. They can help prevent relapses 

Eg excercise, mindfulness , doing things 


2 thoughts on “Advice they can shove!

  1. ‘If you have 8 hours sleep you’ll feel less irritation ‘ my sister was told by a nurse ‘ if I had to choose a mental health illness I’d choose bipolar it’s the easiest’ lol trained professional ?!?!!


  2. I know, its unreal. They should know better! Were they not trained??
    A gp told me once, when i had a panic attack to sit down calmly with a coffee.
    What the hell? Do they even know what one is??


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