Emptiness inside me 

So I was discussing the concept of “feeling empty” with a lady on one of my support groups.

It’s a hard concept to explain as lonliness is still something inside, maybe it’s more like apathy?

Or maybe it’s because we spend so long as chameleons defensively changing our identities to fit into whatever situation we are in… We lose track of our inner true identity??

What does everyone think emptiness means??



6 thoughts on “Emptiness inside me 

  1. Hi again. (as you can see I’m enjoying your blog). In a way I haven’t felt the emptiness feeling as much recently because I’ve been filling the void with work (I’m a workaholic). But I’m on a break from work and the empty feeling came to me again today. I’d describe it as a cold ‘space’ between my lungs, a sort of icey-bubble resting on my internal organs. I can almost feel the wind invading my body from the outside world and blowing/whistling through this cold space. It’s quite a vulnerable feeling. Although, as I’ve said, I’ve been in the privileged position of not feeling it as much at the moment. The emptiness really only came to me this afternoon, and this was how I experienced it. I was actually sitting in a nail bar with one of my good friends when the feeling came. I think it was because I knew she was leaving me in a few minutes and that I would be left to deal with my life. I guess I felt close to her, but I also felt the cold gap between us (there is so much we don’t talk about). She was there, but also (soon to be) absent. So I was still alone. And I experienced this loneliness as a cold feeling in my chest.

    I realise this description might not seem that serious/bad; It was just how I felt on one afternoon. xxx

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