I can’t get no sleep…

Well post meds I don’t get the catatonic low or the dangerous, bat shit crazy highs.

I do still get mood swings, just far less severe and for shorter times.

Last week I was depressive. Sleeping most the time… God I was exhausted!!!

This week I’m still as unproductive, but I can’t sleep. AT ALL.

Well I can take some super strength sedatives but they make me snore like a warlus and hangover in morning.

So I spend my insomniac nights in bed ( as always) researching random things on Google.

From worlds most dangerous countries, to kitten videos, to copyright information everything!

Last night it was tarantulas. Lol I now know a heck of a lot about these bad boys and girls 😉

I hate spiders but after a couple videos I started to find it really interesting.

I would be an ace in a pub quiz 😉



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